Changing the course of our nation begins in the classroom.

This means all children—no matter where they live—should have access to a high-quality education that will lead to college, career, and expansive opportunities in life. That’s not the case today; children’s ZIP codes too

often predict the quality of the education they’ll receive. As a Teach For America corps member, you can be a leader in the effort to change the status quo and help students reimagine their futures.

“Before the corps, I was convinced that educational equity was something worth fighting for. After the corps, I gained the necessary perspective and became convinced that my life would be devoted to this movement.”

“I’m most proud of teaching my students how to advocate for themselves and recognize/call out systems of oppression. My students had the space to form their own opinions and take a more active stance for a wide variety of topics.”

“Incredible personal growth comes from failing constantly, reflecting on what you’re doing wrong, and doing whatever it takes to improve. The incredible impact I was able to have on my students changed me.”

“Joining TFA naturally aligned with my existing core values and beliefs. My time in the corps reinforced my dedication to serving traditionally marginalized communities and gave me tools to act as a leader outside of the classroom.”

“It changed my life forever. It committed me to improving outcomes for students. It made me understand that education influences every other issue our country deals with.”

Where You'll Work

Corps members teach in locations where help is needed most across the country, each with a unique opportunity for impact. We know that landing in a region that matches your priorities is incredibly important, so our placement process is designed to balance your personal location preferences with the various needs of our regions.

Salary & Benefits

Your Training and Development

You’ll be asked to innovate, think creatively, and develop your leadership abilities in order to challenge the status quo. You’ll gain perspective on the challenges impacting students, and learn what it will take to find solutions. You’ll grow in ways you didn’t think possible while building skills that you’ll use throughout your career, no matter what sector you choose.


  • Foundational online coursework
  • Learning about your region

Pre-Service Training

  • Full-time teacher employed by school or district
  • Full salary and benefits
  • Financial aid opportunities
  • Multi-week training experience
  • Student teaching
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity training

Financial Support



In the case of unforeseen circumstances, active corps members are eligible for Emergency Financial Support. This additional funding is provided to corps members who face a significant financial challenge as a result of an emergency or natural disaster that may hinder their ability to remain in the corps.

To help bridge the gap in transitioning to the corps, all incoming corps members will receive Transitional Financial Support in the amount of $5,000. These funds are offered to help cover expenses as you engage in your summer training and for 

start-up costs in the region.


Black Educators Promise Grant

For incoming corps members with greater financial need, we offer Need-Based Financial Support on top of the $5,000 transitional support. Qualifying corps members will receive funding packages based on individual need. Regions can provide more information about applying for these packages.

The Black Educators Promise Grant is a donor-funded, multi-year initiative specifically intended to support Black teachers in the classroom. This grant is a one-time $600 grant for our incoming corps members who self-identify as Black educators. It can be used to assist with any expenses during the transition or at the corps member’s discretion.

AmeriCorps Award

Teach For America corps members who join AmeriCorps may be eligible for additional funding to help pay off student loans or put toward certification costs. The AmeriCorps award is distributed after each year of membership and typically varies between $5,300 - $6,100 per year.

Ongoing Learning and Support

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Professional development
  • Certification & graduate coursework
  • Access to networks of teachers &
    school leaders

Leading a Classroom

As a Teach For America corps member, you are part of a close network of people who are working together to support kids in your community.

  • Teaching is challenging and rewarding; the work is hard and never done
  • Veteran educators at your school, fellow corps members, and TFA alumni will be among those you can lean on for advice and support
  • In the 2019-2020 school year, over 355,500 students were led by TFA corps members

Building Your Support Network

You will get support from the professional connections you form with other corps members and non-TFA teachers in your district, and from mentors in and out of the TFA network.

  • Your TFA Coach will provide ongoing support through classroom observations, feedback and coaching, and professional development experiences 
  • Each region provides leadership and development opportunities within corps member cohorts

Teaching Certification

A background in education isn’t a prerequisite to apply to TFA, and you will be required to complete steps to become qualified in the subject you will teach.

  • Most regions require corps members to work toward a full teaching certification
  • You may have the option of earning a Master’s Degree as well, depending on
    the region



Forbes' 30 under 30

Elected Government Officials



Social Entrepreneurs

Policy, Advocacy, and Organizing Leaders



School and Systems Leaders

Veteran Educators

After the Corps

After the corps, you will join a community of more than 58,600 Teach For America alumni who are shaping the future of our country.

  • Join the large TFA alumni community
  • Ongoing leadership development & fellowship opportunities
  • Employer & graduate school partnerships


Characteristics of Teachers Who Expand Opportunity

Core Beliefs

  • A deep belief in the potential of all kids.
  • Respect for individuals’ diverse experiences.
  • An understanding of the work and partnerships that are already in progress.
  • A desire to learn about the community where you are placed and understand its historical context.

Personal Skills and Abilities

  • Innovation in the face of challenges.
  • Openness to feedback.
  • Ability to work in partnership with others.

Leadership Qualities

  • Long-term commitment to reaching goals.
  • Capacity to set and attain ambitious goals.
  • Ability to think critically about any situation.

Prerequisites for Applying

  • Bachelor’s degree by
    first day of training
  • Minimum Cumulative
    GPA of 2.50
  • Citizen, National/Legal Resident or DACA Status

Application Process





Submit Your Application

The online application form takes about an hour to complete. You’ll share about your background and leadership experience. Plan to upload your resume and write two short response reflections about your interest in joining TFA and about a meaningful accomplishment.

Attend an Interview

The interview is a distinctive part of the TFA application process and consists of a sample lesson, case activity, and a personal one-on-one interview. This season, all interviews will take place virtually.

Submit Your Preferences

After your interview, you’ll rank your top location preferences and subject assignments. 90% of applicants are placed in one of their most preferred regions.

Accept Your Offer

You’ll receive your regional and subject placement upon learning your acceptance. You’ll have about 10 days after finding out that you got in to confirm your offer.


Not including Veteran's Day holiday